Project Details

Current methods used to ensure transparency of donor-NGO relationships are time consuming & easily infringed leading to mismanagement of funds & embezzlement without holding any stakeholder accountable .

 Many NGOs use exorbitantly expensive Web 2.0 proprietary softwares that achieve varying and often limited success in reaching donors, driving event attendance, increasing digital engagement or inspiring new volunteers. (e.g Almabase) This approach not only reduces the success of the NGOs by limiting their ability to deliver the essential services they provide, it also breeds a lack of distrust among those individuals looking to donate. We believe that we can build a better platform with the help of the Cardano Blockchain to mitigate or remove some of the major obstacles that exist in the current NGO and giving sector.

Building a Dapp that bridges the gap between donors and NGOs through the Cardano blockchain (called Cardano NGO = CNGO).

A web-based Dapp with a potential positive impact on Nation Governance Systems due to the security and centralization challenges currently facing existing services.

Not only will our project bring value to the Cardano community, it will widen the whole ecosystem by transforming donors-NGOs softwares to a user-friendly web-page to improve end-user experience: the beneficiaries of the NGOs. Our solution will connect donors to the NGOs via a platform (website) on the Cardano blockchain, where all transactions are trackable and transparent. 

Our solution will connect donors to the NGOs via a platform (website) on the Cardano blockchain, where all transactions are trackable and transparent. The impact will be global because donors have the ability to choose which cause to support. 

Each listed NGO will have its pool where all donations are to be stored. The fund will be transferred progressively to the NGOs based on two main indicators; the NGOs’ needs for the target cause/ SDG & based on the evidence of expenditures of the NGOs. The blockchain technology allows the process to be transparent. Once the database is set on the blockchain it can’t be edited or deleted. Another advantage of the blockchain that reassures the transparent and trackable process is the smart contract. The platform will have two smart contracts: one for NGOs to be whitelisted & another for the pool of funds.

Some of the expected benefits of our platform include:

• Fiscal operations between donors & the NGOs will be immediate with low transaction fees.
• Donors will have accessibility and traceability of their donations
• Any misbehavior or suspicious acts by NGOs are easily reportable
• No matter where the donor is located, they can donate to any cause in the world
• The impact is universal and any donor can choose to donate to any NGO in the world.
• Traceability of funds is not public data. Donors will have the ability to choose to publicize or privatize the visibility and traceability of their funds.